Standard PLA

Standard PLA is a 100% annually renewable, biodegradable 3D printing material that is easier on the environment. It has a quick transition from molten to solid, enabling it to provide more detail than other plastics.

Workday PLA

Workday PLA (APLA) has higher heat resistance than ABS once it has gone through a simple annealing process. Workday PLA is extremely easy to 3D print. If your 3D printer can handle Standard PLA you will be blown away by how well Workday PLA prints!


Pro PLA (formerly APLA+) has higher impact strength than ABS and PLA with a heat resistance rivaling that of ABS! Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter, new Pro PLA/APLA+ will help your 3D printed projects look amazing and perform amazingly.

Wound Up – Coffee Filament

Wound Up™ is a coffee filled 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from coffee. Wound Up™ uses those coffee left-overs to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes.

Buzzed – Beer Filament

3D print with beer! Buzzed is a beer-based 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from the beer making process. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like old beer! It has a pleasant, light barley scent while 3D printing.

Entwined – Hemp Filament

Entwined™ is a hemp filled 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from industrial hemp. Entwined™ uses those hemp left-overs to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes.

Glass Filled PLA

Glass Filled PLA is an effort to advance engineered and practical-use 3D printed parts and components but also is easy to use, just like PLA. Increased strength, toughness, and flexural modulus.

Landfillament™ – Reclaimed Trash

3D print with hot garbage! Landfillament is a garbage based 3D printing filament made using upcycled Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Each spool of Landfillament sequesters .909lbs of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) which is the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emitted by a car driven 1.1 miles.

Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™

Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ is a non-chemical, non-abrasive thermoplastic purging compound that is safe for both operator and machine. Use between color changes and when going from composite materials to standard materials.


HydroSupport dissolves completely in water and is much easier to print with than PVA filament. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only needs to be soaked a few hours to easily work supports off by hand, or 2 – 12 hours to dissolve completely.

rPETG – Recycled PETG

Made from 100% recycled PETG, rPETG is a fantastic, economical 3D printing material. PETG has fantastic optical properties, resulting in nearly transparent prints with amazing light transmission. Different layer heights and print settings will affect how your 3D printed parts pass light.