Comparison of Standard, Workday and Pro PLA

3D-Fuel specializes in PLA Filament. So much so that we have three different types of PLA that we offer. This can sometimes cause users to ask "Which PLA to I need for my printer?"  And the answer is, of course, "It depends."

Our Standard PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is among the most popular 3D printing materials in the world because it is easy to print and strong. This is what most people are referring to when they say "PLA."

3D-Fuel Workday PLA filament is stronger and more heat resistant than Standard PLA and even stronger than ABS, especially if you anneal it after printing. 

Pro PLA has higher impact strength than ABS and Standard PLA with a heat resistance rivaling that of ABS! It is also slightly more flexible than Workday PLA.

The chart provides more information about the differences in these three excellent filaments so you can choose what is best for your job. They all work in any FDM printer that uses one of the two standard sizes of filament. 

Standard PLA Workday PLA Pro PLA
Overall Rating Good Better Best
Material Characteristics Basic Material High Temp Resistance High Temp Resistance + Impact Toughness
Price for 1kg Spool €29,50 €34,50 $39,50
Biobased X X X
Non-Toxic X X X
High Temp Resistance X X
Annealable X X
High Impact Toughness X
Dimensional Precision 4/5 5/5 4/5
Flexibility 1/5 1/5 2/5
Surface Finish Glossy Glossy Matte/Silky
Genuine NatureWorks Ingeo Resin Grade 4043d 3D850 3D870
Available in 1kg Spools X X X
Available in 4kg Spools X X X
Hot End Temperature 180-210C 200-230C 200-230C
Heated Bed Required? No No No
Heated Bed Temperature 50-60C 50-60C 50-60C
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