SnapSupport™ breakaway material made with 3D450 from NatureWorks™

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SnapSupport is a new breakaway material made with Ingeo 3D450 resin from NatureWorks. The clean, fast mechanical break-away of SnapSupport support structures results in parts with high finish quality, reducing post-processing time and improving overall productivity.

Applications for SnapSupport support material include complex industrial parts such as jigs and fixtures, patterns for investment metal casting, and architectural and retail models. SnapSupport, made with Ingeo 3D450 is designed to work with the Ingeo 3D series of grades, including 3D850 (3D-Fuel Workday PLA) and 3D870 (3D-Fuel Pro PLA) that were developed for the professional printing market. At printing speeds up to 100 mm/s, SnapSupport prints and cools without warping even across large sections of support structures.

The SnapSupport’s break-away formulation can reduce or eliminate speed and build-ability issues sometimes encountered with soluble support materials such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) or high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Compared to these soluble supports, SnapSupport has a longer and more stable shelf life, dramatically reduced moisture sensitivity during printing, and reduces the need for post-processing with its clean break-away from a build. The new grade is compatible with large format printers, and since SnapSupport break-away supports do not rely on solvent baths for removal, SnapSupport avoids the size constraints encountered with needing to submerse a build.

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