3DomFuel specializes in producing 3D Printing materials made from natural, sustainable sources that are safe for the environment and your health. In conjunction with 3DFilaPrint, we have developed the EasiPrint product specifically for schools and education institutions. EasiPrint products are produced as a healthier option to traditional materials while providing schools a high quality product that works the first time and every time..

Ease of Printing
Students focus on innovation and learning, not fixing printer filament issues
Excellent layer adhesion for perfect prints every time
Minimal shrinkage allowing for faster end production
Minimal warpage reducing the need for reprints
Ease of use to support faster, accurate prints

Characteristics of EasiPrint Filament
Easy to use
Consistent results from print to print
Little to no warpage or shrinkage for perfect prints every time
No toxic or irritant emission during use

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