3d-fuel filamen header spool metrics

Our Proven Filament Precision

3D printer filament precision so good, we put it right on the box.

Know that the 3D printer filament from 3D-Fuel is of excellent dimensional tolerances. We don’t just say our filament is precise, we show that our filament is precise.

3D-fuel spool diameter and ovality

Filament Precision Specs

Beginning Date – This is when the filament was produced, spooled, and packaged.

Mean Diam. – The average filament diameter over the course of the entire spool.

Ovality – Average filament ovality over the course of the entire spool

Learn More About 3D-Fuel’s Filament Quality

3D-fuel spool strip chart

Filament Diameter Chart


See how the filament diameter varied over the length of the spool. Pay special attention to the top and bottom bars: they are at the +/- 0.05mm marks. The closer the graph is to the center bar, the tighter the filament diameter tolerance.

The Best Quality. Build Better™

3D-Fuel printer filament is made to the highest quality standards to help you in Fueling Your Creativity™.

Take a look at our selection of colors & materials and begin printing with the best.

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