EasiPrint Midnight Black - High Quality 3D Printing Filaments - Made Easy

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3DomFuel specializes in producing 3D Printing materials made from natural, sustainable sources that are safe for the environment and your health. In conjunction with 3DFilaPrint, we have developed the EasiPrint product specifically for schools and education institutions. EasiPrintproducts are produced as a healthier option to traditional materials while providing schools a high-quality product that works the first time and every time.

 Ease of Printing

  • Students focus on innovation and learning, not fixing printer filament issues
  • Excellent layer adhesion for perfect prints every time
  • Minimal shrinkage allowing for faster end production
  • Minimal warpage reducing the need for reprints
  • Ease of use to support faster, accurate prints

 Characteristics of EasiPrint Filament

  • Easy to use
  • Consistent results from print to print
  • Little to no warpage or shrinkage for perfect prints every time
  • No toxic or irritant emission during use

3DomFuel Filament is made from Ingeo PLA, the material of choice for desktop 3D printing Ingeo is made from renewable greenhouse gases.

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How it’s Made

Atmospheric carbon is sequestered during the growing season of renewable resources, producing simple sugars via the natural process of photosynthesis. These harvested sugars are converted into lactic acid, natural material present in the body and many fermented foods.  The lactic acid is transformed into Ingeo for use in 3DomFuel’s PLA production process.

Low Carbon Footprint


Compared to ABS, 3D filament made with Ingeo PLA is responsible for 65% less greenhouse gases and 56% less non-renewable energy.

Ingeo PLA Certified Quality

  • USDABioPreferredcertified100%biobased
  • IngeoPLA is Cradle to Cradle Certified™️ Silver and has a material health score of Gold.
  • NoBPA, phthalates, or styrene